Heidi Litke has been a Luthier since 2007. Co-owner of Bean Sprout Banjo Ukulele Company she sold over 100 Bean Sprout Banjo Ukuleles all over the world. In 2010 she moved in a different direction building traditional ukuleles and classical guitars. She honed her skills studying classical guitar building and french polish under Master Luthier Robbie O’Brien for 3 years and audited steel string classes and basic repair and instrument setup under Master Luthier Edward Dick.  
Heidi Litke is now located in the heart of the Maritime Provinces of Canada, on Prince Edward Island. She now builds under the name of Red Sands Ukuleles. These ukuleles are handcrafted with sustainable local maple, birch and spruce using a non toxic french polish finish. 
Heidi Litke will be at the 6th International Ukulele Ceilidh and will be very happy to help with your ukulele technical problems.   
Heidi Litke - Red Sands Ukuleles