Chalmers Doane
Once called ”The Pied Piper of Halifax”, Chalmers Doane opened doors to the magic of music for hundreds of children.  From 1967 – 1985, Chalmers emerged as an imaginative and dynamic supervisor of music in the Halifax school system, introducing one of the largest string programs in the country, consistent instrumental classes taught by specialists, and award winning stage bands.  The ukulele program was born within the context of providing an instrument that can be mastered by any child who is interested enough to work at it, regardless of whether the parents are supportive.  Ultimately, it became a beginning step into music for many parents that they were encouraged to move on to traditional band and orchestral instruments.  Halifax has an inordinate number of pop, folk and classical musicians who also play ukulele!
Inspired by the belief that music is for everyone, he has dedicated many years helping people of all ages who would like to play a wide range of instruments.
Chalmers is a proud and dedicated family man whose children reflect the family love of music.  Chalmers continues to teach and encourage anyone who will listen 
and is mentor to many great musicians around the country.
In 2005 Chalmers Doane was invested as a member of the order of Canada.  He was honored by The Learning Partnership as a champion of public education in 2008, and in 2010 received the Order of Nova Scotia.
Manitoba Hal

Manitoba Hal is a consummate blues man, having toured Canada extensively with a ukulele. Picturing him in his 100 year old cottage in Nova Scotia, one can’t help wonder how someone can sound like he grew up in the Deep South of the States and play raw, swamp, delta, Cajun and zydeco style blues. Hal developed the blues sound when he lived in Winnipeg Manitoba (where he also got his name). “Winnipeg, often referred to as the Chicago of the north, is situated in a delta between the Red and Assiniboine rivers. I was born at the blues and when I found that music inside me, I came alive and my soul started expressing itself in songs that flowed with that music. The blues is where my soul came into this world. Where it will end up I don’t know but I’m ready for the journey”.


 Stuart Fuchs

Stuart Fuchs is a Grammy nominated, internationally touring performing guitarist and ukulele artist who performs and teaches fun & innovative ukulele workshops at music festivals throughout North America, the Caribbean & Europe.  Stuart is passionate about sharing music as a practice for self-care & wellness and keeps a busy schedule as a teaching artist in the ukulele circuit, in school residencies and beyond.  Stuart blends mindfulness and music at his annual “Ukulele Zen” retreat held at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY - his YouTube channel “Ukulele Zen” offers weekly ukulele lessons to over 30,000 subscribers.  Fuchs, an accomplished guitarist in many styles, has arranged and performed the gypsy jazz guitar music of Django Reinhardt for full symphonic orchestras and was featured on PRI’s "The World” with his award winning gypsy jazz band “Babik”.  In 2014 Stuart was awarded a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts for his work bringing healing music to cancer patients at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo NY, where he was a professional artist in residence for eight years.  In 2017 he was awarded the Ewing Arts Award from the Keene Sentinel for his heart-centered performing & teaching style.  Stuart has toured to three continents playing classical guitar with the internationally acclaimed new age Kirtan artist Snatam Kaur and recorded guitar for the Grammy-nominated 2018 album "Beloved" .
Jack n Jel 
Jack n Jel (not their real names) are a dynamic, collaborative, flexible, fun and funny workshop and performance duo from Newcastle, Australia. At home Mark and Jane (their real names) run 11 weekly ukestra/choir sessions, but they also have an international reputation for ukestration workshops, helping community ukulele groups to develop their musicianship and joy beyond hum n strum.

In performance garb, Jack n Jel have been variously described as 'mesmerising', 'funny', and 'a little brave'. They are a rare commodity - performers who can teach, teachers who can perform - using 8ish wee instruments jammed into life's overhead locker. That luggage also contains two books that distil their recipe for a successful business that nurtures one of the world's largest, most vibrant and musically literate ukulele communities in their hometown.

From their daily uke-work at home, their reputation has reached across the Pacific where they have toured annually since 2011. In demand at uke and folk festivals from New Zealand, USA and Canada, Mark and Jane continue to hone their craft, and spread their rather uniquely successful take on ukulele tuition and performance.

Mike Diabo
Mike Diabo has laid claim to the title of Ukulele Surf King (uke virtuoso was already taken, phew).  A founding member of the instro-Mental surf trio Urban Surf Kings, Mike has make it his mission to bring surf music to the masses through guitar and ukulele.  Whatever it takes, he is also a successful solo artist, movie/tv composer, producer and has toured the world with several artists including Urban Surf Kings, and The Wadadli Riders.  He has played to an audience of over 50 000 people with Canadian recording artist Matt Mays.  In 2008, Mike founded the Halifax Uke Gang (h.U.G.) to allow all ukers, regardless of ability, to get together once a month to play.  It boasts at least 50 members.  

Urban Surf Kings
And now for something completely different.  You've never heard the ukulele played to such surly effect.  
Urban Surf Kings  transports the diminutive ukulele from its home waters of Tahiti to the beaches of California; turning the once again popular ukulele into a 4-string surf machine.  USK features Andew Beazley on Ukulele Bass, Frank den Haan on percussion, Mike Diabo on lead uke.  The band has performed at the Halifax Jazz Festival, Italy's Surfer Joe Summer Fest, Dock Stree Uke Camp and many other places.  
Andrew Beazley

Andrew Beazley (a.k.a. Crash Flagg) has been playing bass with the Urban Surf Kings, Canada’s longest performing surf band, for over 20 years. Hailed as one of the “finest bass players” around, Andrew has toured all over with USK, leaving fans to “scrape themselves off the floor” when he’s done. Before his name became synonymous with the bass, Andrew was an accomplished trumpet player but when his band at the time suddenly found themselves without a bassist, Andrew made the move and never looked back!
As Regional Educational Services manager (Atlantic region) for Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, Andrew is passionate about working with music educators at all levels, providing knowledgeable advice, guidance, and outreach opportunities as they work to grow and improve their programs. Andrew is excited to step into the teacher role and share the wealth of knowledge and skills he has honed over his 25+ years in the industry.